Business innovation project

Alidays' collaborative touristic platform

  • Date: January 2014. / Category: Business Development, Design Driven Innovation

Why would a traveler, today and tomorrow, still go to travel agencies, rather than organize his travel experience independently?

Politecnico di Milano helped Italian tour operator Alidays strengthening its position on the market following a design-driven approach to business innovation.

Our team proposed an innovative strategy focused on a collaborative approach to trips both among different travel partners and between their travel consultants.

Project overview

The tourism sector has been facing an undiscussed big challenge in the last few years mainly because of a user consumption shift towards online services.
Italian traditional tour operator are being acquired by foreign groups or going through bankruptcy.

The point from which our team started has been to understand if and why a user would, today and tomorrow, still go to travel agencies, rather than organize his travel experience independently.
Intersecting this analysis with the current target of Alidays, we started to identify the reference path to follow to upgrade the existing Alidays offer considering tools and availability already at its disposal .
The concept is focused around a set of tools that help shape the experience collaboratively, where the user becomes the “model” and Alidays the “tailor” ensuring a high-quality personalized result.

The product-service heavily relies on a web-application through which the user can define the trip itinerary with the travel-consultant: it consists in a platform from which the counselor can choose the different “segments” that make the travel experience - from the transport solution to the type of accommodation, choosing between different resources from the Alidays database.

Therefore, depending on the user’s requests , the consultant defines some proposals for full itineraries; accessing subsequently to his profile, the user can control these proposals in detail and allow other participants of the trip (family or friends) to suggest changes or integrations, discuss, evaluate the individual points of the various proposals.
The main aim is a program that is the most complete and personalized as possible.
There is switch in Alidays’ interlocutor, which will be consultant networks, that will briefly gain a sure advantage on traditional travel agencies; the positioning of our tour operator, consolidating the current “high profile”, ensuring a renewed quality of service, in the face of an application that moves in this direction.

The kind of innovation we achieve is based on a mix of balanced factors: differentiation, emerging trends and already existing products coordinated together.

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