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Moleskine's therapeutic diary - a product service system concept proposal

  • Date: January 2014. / Category: Design Thinking

How can we help people overcoming ordinary "soft" struggles, like following a diet, getting over an heartbreak, or finding creative inspiration?

Moleskine Vault is a product/service system our team developed for the most renowned notebooks company.
It is composed by a special edition Moleskine notebook, a digital platform, a physical location and a series of events, in order to help people solving soft, daily problems.

Moleskine Vault

Keeping a diary is one of the oldest “remedies”and self-therapy method used by humans to keep their balance, get in touch with their inner world, set goals and solve personal soft problems. It is cost-effective, does not require any special introduction and have a lot of potential coming from sharing it. The aim is to increase the power of this old method setting some values as basic parameters, organizing them into a coordinated system and make it suitable for the contemporary communities.

The concept emphasizes the value of sharing in order to obtain a feedback-based network that helps users to reach the objectives proposed in the “diary-therapy”. Once many people share the same soft problem, the next step is to make them share solutions and experiences. In example, a good way to reach this result is to set a time parameter; having the chance to read our parents diaries or letting ourselves or our children to read them in the future is an enlarged opportunity to the “sharing” value, combined with the importance of empathy (familiar or myself-inthe-future/past continuum).

This is why we created the concept of the Vault, a physical archive of “moleskines”, which are safely stored and could be consulted periodically during Events, or “Vault Openings” in which users have the opportunity to participate, discuss and physically get in touch with their (and other’s) diaries. The events would have round tables, activities, a feedback system and a constant offline-debate that can selfproduce material, solutions and ideas; as well as opportunities for partnerships with companies or organizations (i.e.: Special Vault Opening during Milano Design Week).

The physicality of the event, that would take place on previously settled dates and places, engage users to come together and network offline, with a later support of an online platform available with the Vault system. The online platform would provide a constant link and support between users themselves and the Vault system, a place that provides information about the status of the filed personal diaries as well as a place for online debates

A branded edition of Moleskine diaries would be available for purchase. The diaries are divided by themes, always related to soft-problems and individual contents (guidelines, material, hints and directions) related to the topic.

For instance, the “diet-problems” Moleskine could present scheduling for the quality and quantity of food eaten, and some information on the correct way to cook healthy food. The initial chosen topics are: “love”, “diet”, “procrastination” and “stress”.

This range can grow as the concept evolves and more users become part of the Vault. Moreover, as mentioned before, partnerships could happen with institutions,associations, public and private corporations, etc; as long as they fulfill and share the same idea with the concept, promoting sharing and collective knowledge production.

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