Artisanal screenprinting & graphic design studio.

  • Date: 2012 - 2015. / Category: Screenprinting, graphic design, interaction design

Sacrèm is both a graphic design studio and a silkscreen laboratory. We help our clients develop their ideas for any kind of original project. Every item is manually printed by us.

Back in 2012 a good friend of mine started to be very passionated about silkscreening; he built a woodmade machinery and had fun experimenting prints on old t-shirts. Months later he asked me to join him and a small team of friends sharing the same passion.
Now Sacrèm is fully operative and open to any interesting project. As trained graphic designers, our team is capable to manage a wide range of services from branding to videomaking, from screenprinting to interaction design.
We really love to experiment