Sintesi dissertation's project: a visual book

"Il salto dell'acciuga" by Nico Orengo

  • Date: February 2013. / Category: Editorial design

“Il salto dell’acciuga” is a novel written by the Italian author Nico Orengo, based on the story of a traditional italian dish, the “bagna cauda”. The purpose of the project for the “final synthesis” course was to reinterpretate the book with a deeper sense of what the author wanted to transmit and recreate it in a visual manner.

The core concept in this version is a postcard folder book, which underlines every self-ending paragraph of the novel and trasmits the aleatory, romantic feeling of the book with experimentally illustrated postcards that are overlayed on the most significant paragraphs.

Each page has been cutted and the artifact has been packed in bound rings to appear as a real postcard folder; I choosed an organic material for the internal pages and the cover was made of traditional canvas and has been manually painted to emphasize the rural feeling of the story. Every illustration has been realised with a different method, experimenting with various materials, ink and brushes to obtain a set of unique spots to be used in the chosen parts of the book.