Matteo Remondini

Product-Service System | Regenerative Design

Blending design and strategy to bring in a flexible approach to product, service and business innovation for a regenerative future.

What I stand for

I support organisations, teams and communities who are creating alternative models and narratives for the future - in the context of the climate transition.

I believe that our society needs to undergo a fundamental paradigm shift. I want to contribute shaping it - in a way that is regenerative for nature, people and business.

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Matteo Remondini speaking at the Service Design Fringe conference at the Barbican in London

What I can help with

Sense-making & Collaboration

I can help to distill down multilayered problems, launch thoughtful provocations or provide alignment around a complex topic.

Innovation & Strategy

I can help you determine where the best opportunities for innovation lie in your specific context, to craft an inspiring vision and to define a way to get there.

Service & Product design

I can bring your ideas to life, and help your team finding efficient ways to learn from the real world what works and what needs improving.

  • Designing & facilitating tailored workshops
  • Mapping complex systems & detailing experiences
  • Conducting rigorous design research, secondary, qualitative & quantitative
  • Defining holistic roadmaps & measurable objectives
  • Crafting interactive & analogue prototypes
  • Planning experiments and testing improvement initiatives

Where have I done that before

Logos of companies Matteo has worked with

My work spans in-house and agency-side, for corporate, government, tech, and non-profit clients. Here's a selection:


Berlin-based fintech unicorn that simplifies tax filing and improves financial wellbeing.

I worked in a cross-functional team to refine the strategy to achieve product-market fit in a new territory. I designed and ran experiments, and addressed hands-on product design needs, while providing guidance to the wider team to ensure we were ready for the following tax season.

I joined the Taxfix team right at the peak of the tax season, when most individuals file their yearly submissions. The product could already count on a solid base of satisfied customers, and the team relied on a number of specific assumptions aimed at meeting ambitious growth targets for revenues and market share. My initial focus was to validate a new service offering with potential users before launching, and to support the design team enhancing the user experience of the product.

Over the course of the first few months, however, the team was met with several unforeseen external and internal challenges. These obstacles had the potential to adversely impact the Italian product and, as a result, the entire business.

In order to mitigate the potential risk, I switched my focus towards providing strategic guidance to product stakeholders, while leading improvements to work practices and mentoring less experienced colleagues. This included co-designing a vision and roadmap of initiatives, defining and running product experiments, and bringing people together across different areas of the business and helped the team getting back in shape for the following tax season.

Global retail bank x COP26

A groundbreaking set of initiatives that would link up all of the retail bank’s sustainability efforts, in order to present them at the climate conference COP26.

I partnered with other senior design strategists to engage with the upper management and co-create an innovative idea, helping their customers be more sustainable in their everyday living.

In 2021, the global retail bank had a remarkable opportunity to showcase their industry-leading sustainability strategy at the pivotal COP26 climate conference in Glasgow. However, they faced the challenging task of not only bringing together all of their ambitious sustainability efforts but also presenting them in a captivating and cohesive format that would truly resonate with the conference audience.

Collaborating with a tight-knit team of seasoned senior design strategists, I worked around the clock to craft a winning solution for the bank. We delved deep into the intricacies of their business, interviewing top-level management and conducting a series of dynamic ideation workshops to fuel our creativity.

After a rigorous ideation process and a review of secondary and desk-based research, we unveiled a revolutionary set of behavior-change-based initiatives that revolved around the brilliant concept of "home as the fulcrum for sustainable change." These initiatives were designed to encompass different areas of customers' lives, empowering them to lead more sustainable lifestyles on a day-to-day basis.

Despite the very limited time available to unravel the challenge, the final result managed to showcase the bank's unwavering commitment to sustainability, and our team’s ability to help them bring their vision to life with creativity and ingenuity.

Innovation Lab | British Government

Development of a human-centred Innovation Lab for a large public sector department, testing innovative concept propositions aimed at tackling complex problems for citizens.

I helped leading conversations with policy makers, finding areas of opportunity for interventions and ways to test hypothesis, and visualising complex service experiences.

The Department for Work and Pensions is tasked with addressing a plethora of intricate and multifaceted challenges that British citizens face on a regular basis. These challenges are often intertwined and layered, requiring a comprehensive and nuanced approach to effectively tackle them. Unfortunately, policymakers frequently lack the necessary resources, time, and freedom to develop original, impartial, and comprehensive solutions to these challenges.

To help overcome these obstacles, our team played a crucial role in establishing a dedicated Innovation Lab, designed to experiment with new and innovative methods of addressing these challenges, and finding novel ways to better serve the citizens of tomorrow. Over the course of several months, the Innovation Lab took on a diverse range of complex and interrelated challenges. These challenges included tackling the consequences of an ageing population and its impact on unemployment rates and addressing issues related to health and safety in the workplace.

Alongside a strong team of multidisciplinary experts, ranging from machine learning engineers to innovation directors, I leveraged Service Design to facilitate alignment among the various civil servant stakeholders. Through this approach, I was able to create a shared understanding of the goals, strategies, and potential implications of a high-profile project.

This was instrumental in establishing the Innovation Lab as a trusted and reliable partner for the department in tackling complex and interconnected societal challenges.

Most of my recent work is currently under NDA.
I’d be more than happy to talk you through some of the main projects I was part of, and how these experience could help shape how we can work together.

“Matteo joined our team as the first service designer.
He brought a lot of seniority and transformed the design approach of the team. He quickly picked up the most challenging initiatives and was able to make a tangible contribution very quickly.

He is not only a true professional, but also on a personal level he contributed to a productive working environment while managing complex stakeholders.”

Siebe Gerbranda
Director of Product - Global Expansion @ Taxfix

Let’s chat

If you’d like to discuss how we could work together, or simply if my mission resonates and you’d like to share your thoughts, feel free to email me or to book a call.