Photo of Matteo leading a service design workshop with Shelter team members in Preston


I’m an adaptable person

I worked across different industries, with clients such as LEGO, Shelter, British Government, Elekta, Ocado, Barclays, HSBC, Taxfix.
I’ve learned what works - and what doesn’t - in organisations of varying size.

I’m a bit of a (design) nerd.

After a BSc in Communication Design and a MSc in Product-Service System Design I moved to London in 2015, and researched Service Design.
I’m still fascinated by how the discipline evolves.

I care about our planet.

About the people who inhabit it, and the nature we all share.
My mum still lives in the council estate I was raised in, in the outskirts of Milan.
I spent many weekends in the countryside helping out my grandpa, or cycling in the hills just outside Piacenza with my dad.
When I joined Shelter, the homelessness charity, as their first service designer - I've learned how harsh our system can be for people suffering from the inequalities of our broken system.

I like to make stuff.

In my early 20s, while studying, I co-run a small design studio - printing our graphics on t-shirts and experimenting with interaction design technologies.
I tend to make sense of complex problems through research and mapping, but I also love making things tangible whenever possible - to learn from them.

Above all, I like to establish clear work relationships based on respect, mutual trust and open dialogue.

My interests span from humanistic to technical and scientific fields.

  • 🌱 Regenerative design & new economics
  • 👣 Human sciences
  • 🌐 Technology - data & privacy
  • 🧘 Sports, wellbeing & (mental) health
  • 🔨 Policy making & governance
  • 🎭 Culture & cultural institutions
  • 🍏 Food, with a focus on nutrition
  • 🎧 Music & radio

“Matteo was a pleasure to work with at all times throughout our project. I was impressed with how quickly he grasped the subject matter and he was quick to turn around iterations between workshop sessions.

Matteo is also a skilled workshop facilitator with great ideas for organising complicated content and was able to move us along when we got stuck whilst being careful not to rush the critical topics.

The resulting outputs were of high quality and continue to be referred to since.”

Elizabeth Knowles
Director of Product Management @ Elekta

Let’s chat

If you’d like to discuss how we could work together, or simply if my mission resonates and you’d like to share your thoughts, feel free to email me or to book a call.