Matteo Remondini
Product-Service System Design

Passionate about complex problems, interested in human behaviour, and intrigued by anything that is about change for the better.

This is a selection of my work

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2017 : 2020

London, UK


Service strategy + projects

Helping Shelter become a Human Centred organisation, focusing on the housing advice services given to millions of people.


London, UK

Service Design Today


A snapshot of what Service Design & Design Thinking are.
Includes interviews with Livework, IDEO, Facebook, and more.


London, UK


User research + Service Design

Would a “Uber for hairdressers” work in London? An innovative proposition for a funded venture active in the beauty sector.


Milano, Italy

Gimble: introducing kids to sports

Product-Service System + Business Design

How to help shy kids get into team sports?
Final project, part of Politecnico’s two-year MSc programme in Product-Service System Design

2012 : 2014

Milano, Italy

Other stuff

Communication design projects

Including an award-winning app, editorial work, and a co-founded screenprint & graphic design studio in Milan, Italy.

I’m a hybrid designer – which means my profile is adaptable to the needs of the team.

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